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Our Associates

As part of our aim to nurture the child as a whole, Coda Encore works alongside highly experienced professionals in counselling and therapy.

Treetop - Speech and Language Therapists

Treetop Therapy Centre aims to contribute towards a positive perception of children with additional needs and the services they access. Our Speech and Language Therapists provide a team around the child by nurturing ongoing involvement from parents or carers and creating strong links with all the educational and health professionals who may be involved.


Tel: +65 6779 7600

The Change Group Counselling

The Change Group works with international psychologists and psychotherapists to help you overcome your current psychological stressors. We offer counselling in English and French. Our counsellors are trained in CBT, Psychodynamics and also in Gottman Couple Therapy to support your couple. 


SMS:  +65 9648 7176 

Family S.O.S. Behaviour Therapy

Katy Harris at Family SOS has a wealth of knowledge and experience supporting children’s social and emotional well-being. She helps parents manage children’s behaviour, runs social awareness groups and advises within schools.


Tel: +65 9793 7069

Tree of Life Play Therapy Logo.png
 Tree of Life Play Therapy 

Tree of Life Play Therapy work with  children on social, emotional and behavioural issues. Play Therapy works to alleviate children’s behaviour and emotional difficulties through play. It gives them the opportunity to express and process emotions that they may not be able to express in other ways. Using their natural inclination to play, children can express their inner life and articulate concerns. ‘The Play Therapy Toolkit’ includes; sand tray therapy using symbols, puppets and art materials. 


SMS:  +65 9222 6142


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