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Coda Encore

Coda Encore

Coda Encore

Coda Encore

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We offer various tailor-made foreign language classes for your child.

Specialised 1-to-1 tuition classes


Our professional language tutors will conduct 1-to-1 classes with your child. Lesson plans will be customised to suit your child’s academic level for a stress-free study environment!

Professionally experienced in teaching foreign languages


Our tuition centre offers Spanish, Latin, and French tuition classes. Our tutors are fluent and knowledgeable in foreign languages such as Spanish, Latin, and French. Rest assured that your child will learn the languages effectively with our professional tutors.

Specialising in teaching Spanish, Latin, and French


Our multilingual tutors are well-versed in many foreign languages including Spanish, Latin, and French. With our tuition centre’s personalised 1-to-1 classes, we are confident that your child will be able to surpass their mentors in no time!

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87, Science Park Drive, OASIS – #03-01, Singapore 118260   |   +65 6779 7600


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